LA Times Bestselling Author Rachel Resnick presents Writers On Fire

  • Desert Hot Springs, California

Are you an expert in your field, but nobody knows it? You’ve been thinking about writing a book forever. Isn’t it time?

Let Rachel Resnick wrangle your book. Let her help you shape and focus your unique story. Using her experience as an LA Times Bestselling author and educator/mentor of over 17 years, she will work with you to raise your media profile, increase your income, and broaden your reach. You’ll get in-depth interviews where you both explore your personal story, client stories, and your signature system. Together you’ll choose a powerful structure and style. You’ll get deadlines, encouragement, and regular feedback. You’ll also get customized writing assignments and exercises. At the end of your contracted time, you’ll get your book or book proposal done! Write your book now and leave a legacy. Schedule your 30-minute Creativity Consultation today. Just send an e-mail to with BOOK ME in the subject line.

Maybe you’re someone who’s got a story to tell, but instead of writing, or finishing, you avoid it in every way possible. Or maybe you’ve fallen into the pattern of telling your story, but not putting it on the page. Are you ready to break on through to the published author side? Let Rachel show you how.

This is for you if you’re ready to find your authentic voice and go on a life-changing, healing journey via memoir, novel or non-fiction. Let  Rachel help you transform your deeper truth into story. This is also for you if you’re ready for it to happen now!

If you say yes to the experiences we offer, we will save you significant time and effort. We only work with clients who are supremely motivated and ready to get honest. There are no magic pills for publication here! There is, however, a different sort of magic — the alchemy that comes from working with a highly intuitive, best selling author with 17 years of experience mentoring others in the art of writing.

Rachel Resnick, Literary Alchemist and Book Wrangler, is a working writer and a devoted mentor whose exuberance informs all of our Writers On Fire community. We believe in the power of the written word, and the strength of community. We believe the more we access our own true voices and share our stories, the more human and connected we will be worldwide.

If you’re ready to tell your personal story in a compelling narrative form, then we’ll light your creative fire and help take you there. Be prepared for transformation. Let’s get started. Just send an e-mail to with BOOK ME in the subject line.

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