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Rachel Resnick, Topanga Canyon, CA.
Photograph: Darcy Hemley/Grazia UK Magazine

Confession:  I wasn’t always comfortable in my own skin. I couldn’t always talk openly about sex. Or claim my feminine power.

How about you?

I felt shame about my fantasies. I felt shame around my sexual appetites. I didn’t share my true desires. I tucked a part of myself away and didn’t feel whole. For many years, I felt inhibited. Silenced. I stayed small.

Can you relate?

This directly affected my voice — on the page, and off. My writing was often purple from unfulfilled longing, or it was boring and confused. It wasn’t consistently strong, or vibrant. It wasn’t me.

Does this feel familiar?

Then a friend asked me to write a piece for an erotica anthology. I sent her a story. She said, This is great. Now add the sex. I did, and never looked back.

Are you tired of playing it safe? Are you sick of being ruled by fear? 

Writing that first story liberated me. It improved my writing, increased my confidence, added pleasure to my relationships and daily life.

Justine Musk.
Photograph: Christa Meola

Are you ready to step into your full-blown erotic Sasha Fierce-self?

Let me inspire you. Writing my last book, Love Junkie:  A Memoir, taught me all this on a deeper level. I will teach you the secrets I learned. I will show you how writing memoir can transform you. I will give you simple storytelling techniques you can master in a day that will guarantee more lively blogs and posts, more traffic, more connection.

Join me and my co-host, Justine Musk — three-time novelist; Marie Claire essayist, blogger extraordinaire and mom to five boys. Her novel-in-progress, The Decadents, is about mining this very material. Together we will rock your world.

We’ve declared a Day of Decadence. Let’s celebrate! Join us Sunday, February 17th, 10:30AM-4PM, at a private home in Brentwood, California, for a once-in-a-lifetime workshop experience.

Other leaders, Justine and I will inspire you to creatively access your potent erotic core. Special guest speakers. Aphrodisiacal eats, libations. A chance to explore sensuality and sexuality — real and fantasy — on the page. Expand and explore. What’s not to love?

 Have you always wanted to step up the steaminess in your writing, but didn’t know how? Or maybe you just want a day to explore, luxuriate, and play. What better way to usher in the month of love, sex, romance and relationship?

Nina Hartley, legendary porn star and sex positive activist

Nina Hartley, legendary porn star and sex positive activist

Stop struggling to write in a safe, bland style. Storytelling is critical in business today. If you want to succeed, you’ve got to connect. It’s time to unleash your voice.

I spent years struggling to monetize my skills. Never mind I’m a Los Angeles Times bestselling author who’s taught creative writing since 1995, earned a Yale undergraduate degree and a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing. For years, I was broke. In the literary world, you get used to being paid in prestige. I got by, barely. Then the economy crashed. The publishing business tanked. If you weren’t independently wealthy, you had to reinvent. Fast. Luckily, I’d started Writers On Fire years six years ago. Now, it was time to make it solid. I knew I needed training. For the past year and a half, I’ve been educating myself in all things entrepreneurial. But I still struggled financially, and couldn’t connect with new high-end clients. I thought you had to write in business style. Then I noticed articles and posts announcing storytelling was now critical for business! Connecting with your customers was key to success. This changed everything. Entrepreneurs from corporate backgrounds struggled too. But in their case, they just didn’t know how to write vividly. You’ve got to evoke the senses and emotions to connect with your customers. Business today is all about connection. Writing fearlessly about sex is the quickest path to juicing up your writing.

Pamelah Landers, Life Purpose Expert and Founder of The Hands On Company, here reading hands

Pamelah Landers, Life Purpose Expert and Founder of The Hands On Company, reading hands

What We’ve got for you

  • Each guest will get a chance to write numerous on-the-spot writing exercises, and get constructive feedback and support. Each guest will also get at least one chance to read their work out loud. (Don’t worry. We’ll help you! We know public speaking can be another fear. In this safe environment, we’ll help you overcome those fears and give you practical public speaking tips. It’s also a great tool for self-editing.)
  • There will also be decadent snacks and libations throughout the day.
  • We’ll start the day with an icebreaker, and celebrate your individual story and reason for attending.
  • When the topic calls for it, I’ll tap some friends on the shoulder and get great guest speakers for you, so you can get a really well-rounded experience of our erotic creative adventure.
  • Our first special guest is Pamelah Landers, renowned writer, Life Purpose Expert and Founder of The Hands On Company, and collaborator with Baeth Davis of Live Your Purpose. Besides heart line teachings, she will be reading each guest’s heart lines to discover your patterns around love, relationships, money and intimacy. This is a powerful opportunity. We are extremely lucky to have her.
  • Our second special guest speaker is Nina Hartley, the legendary porn star, sex positive activist. Ninawill visit, share war stories, and field questions. This is a wild and rare opportunity to interact with Nina. Make sure to come with questions. This is another coup. Prepare for amazing.
  • You’ll leave with several short erotica pieces, and one you’ve committed to finishing. Some might be stand-alone. Some part of longer pieces. We challenge you to seek publication for one erotic short-short. You can even use a sexy pseudonym, or go anonymous! Just let the fire burn through to your other writing.
  • And you’ll have lifetime access to the Writers On Fire community. You’ll get exclusive invitations, specials on upcoming retreats, workshops and virtual courses, and other products. You’ll also have the support of other members.
It's All About The Shoes. Nina Hartley, Stan Kent and me, Sex & Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll event. Hustler/Hollywood, West Hollywood, CA.

It’s All About The Shoes. Nina Hartley, Stan Kent and me, Sex & Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll event. Hustler/Hollywood, West Hollywood, CA.

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Monica Kenton 2

Monica Kenton, Founder of Ignite Your Brilliance: Your Path To Passion & Profit

I took your writing class to learn to express myself. I didn’t realize it would unleash the big ‘why’ of my business. But it did, and I know my business is going to skyrocket because of it. You are AMAZING at what you do.

~Monica Kenton, Founder of Ignite Your Brilliance:  Your Path To Passion And Profit

Increase Your Visibility, Traffic and Sales by Igniting Your Passion Trigger

Yes, you’ll explore new sexual and fantasy terrain on the page with us on this no-holds-barred day. You’ll get insights into your true passions, you’ll turn on your erotic core. You’ll also learn to make your writing irresistibly juicy, how to seduce clients while staying in integrity and coming from a place of flirty fun, and how to inspire desire and brand bonding with emotional connection.


Janet Graham headshot

Janet Graham, psychotherapist

You, Rachel Resnick are a skilled mentor. The engine in my psyche helping me convert experience and ideas into words that pop and crackle on pages that turn into chapters in the book I didn’t know I was writing until I found you. You are the bellows stoking the fire of a writer’s creativity.

~Janet Graham, psychotherapist

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Ali Brown

Ali Brown, Entrepreneurial Mentor and CEO

WOW was Love Junkie intense! Brilliant storytelling, complete vulnerability, and laughs too. If any of you want a WILD ride of a read, get Rachel’s Love Junkie.

~Ali Brown, Entrepreneurial Mentor, CEO


Are you still worried you won’t fit in? That this is too scary? Rest assured, there is a wide range of guests joining. Most aren’t writers. Most have never even thought of erotica, let alone tried their hand at it. You’ll be in good company. And good hands. This is supposed to be fun. Dangerous…but fun. Also, let me share a little secret of success, in writing — and beyond:  if you feel resistance, if something feels uncomfortable? That is precisely where you need to go. When you do, you’ll create the possibility for growth and change. For fire to catch. For you to break on through to the other side.

Me and Cheryl Strayed, Wild tour. BookSoup, West Hollywood, CA.

Me and Cheryl Strayed, Wild tour. BookSoup, West Hollywood, CA.


Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild (Oprah's first pick for Oprah 2.0), Tiny Beautiful Things and Torch

Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild (Oprah’s first pick for Oprah 2.0), Tiny Beautiful Things and Torch

Rachel Resnick’s fine writing speaks for itself. As her many publications and accolades demonstrate, she’s the real deal—a craftswoman and an artist. Her prose never fails to move and surprise me with its power and beauty. It’s fearless and frank, self-revealing, but never self-pitying. And always there is her searching and searing intelligence at its center. Rachel is the best sort of nonfiction writer, a true example to the rest of us. I learn from her every time I read her work. Your students would be lucky to be mentored by someone with such talent and accomplishment. She’s approachable and smart, funny and wise. She’s as brave and generous with her students as she is with her readers on the page—as her years of success designing and leading her own “Writers On Fire” creative writing workshops attest.
~Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild, Tiny Beautiful Things and Torch



Love Junkie & Go West Young F*cked-Up Chick book display, Writers On Fire fall reading. Froggy's, Topanga Canyon, CA.

Love Junkie & Go West Young F*cked-Up Chick book display, Writers On Fire fall reading. Froggy’s, Topanga Canyon, CA.

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Baeth Davis, Founder and CEO of Your Purpose

I finished your book Love Junkie and clutched it to my chest, weeping. I wept for you and for me and your brother and your ma and every single person who got a crappy “I-want-love” program installed. Your ruthless, heart-searing honesty inspires. I am forever grateful to your courage, compassion and humor.

~Baeth Davis,


Click now to join us, if you’re ready to claim your feminine power, your true voice. If it’s time for you to shine the way you’re supposed to, succeed the way you know you can, share the message that’s burning inside. The world is waiting for your fire, your story. Your unique voice. If you go there, people will follow. They will notice. And you will burn bright. Click now to make sure you get your spot. We’re waiting for you.

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