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“The class exercise and homework made us ditch writers block, distill our messages, and realize that our business IS our story. For the first time, after years of reading blogs, books and joining webinars i KNEW that i could make money AND connect with others in a deeper way.

If Rachel Resnick was only a talented writer and instructor, it would have been a great class. Instead, she takes it to another level.

The difference is her willingness to be vulnerable and encourage the same, as a catalyst for connection, finding our authentic "voice" and monetizing our message..”

Tina Vesper


"I was in serious funk. I'd been out of work for months, and with each day that passed, I lost more hope. Every job interview went south. Nothing was working. I felt like a failure.

Through private coaching with Rachel, I was able to dig deep and reconnect with the once passionate and confident girl I used to be.

In fact i just came back from an event for which I designed a sponsorship booth, and got to engage with hundreds of entrepreneurs on a daily basis. I was reminded how strong communicator I am, and how much I love interacting with and serving people."


Paige Rolf, Brand Stylist and Stratiegist

"...And having 188 people out of 275 attendees at a conference hand over their business cards to win a prize is a coup. This is just happened to me a week ago at an event where I was a sponsor and a breakout speaker my first sponsorship of a 3-day event.

Working with Rachel over the past few months has enabled me to open up (and dig up) those stories.When we started, I did't think I had any that would be intresting to my audience.

What a difference working with a pro on bringing out your story makes! I know the results of this latest event would be very different had I not opened up, shared myself openly, and follow her wise guidance."

Diana Needham, Marketing Expert

Yes, I Want This Training