Ask A Naked Nomad: 3 Salon Secrets to Instantly Step Up Your Business!

Rebirth March 2016 Photo by Doug Abel Ceremonial Bodypainting by Star Oakland Topanga Canyon, CA

March 2016
Photo by Doug Abel
Ceremonial Bodypainting by Star Oakland
Topanga Canyon, CA

Have you ever wanted to start over?

Have you ever wanted to claim Act Two or Act Three of your life and business the way you always wanted and dreamed?

Have you ever wanted to come back next time as a powerful business player, a dynamic bestelling influencer, a rich artist?


It’s possible NOW if you master the art of storytelling.

Do you watch Game of Thrones?
I ask because magic is a piece of the puzzle.
The art of storytelling for the holy purpose of business is nothing short of this:

Practical Magic.

Let me introduce myself. I’m a Los Angeles Times bestselling author and influencer who’s here to light your path to rebirth and success through the portal of story.

Fifteen years ago, I started a literary and arts salon in Los Angeles inspired by my stint living in Rome, Italy, for two mind-blowing, heart-expanding years.

It became the longest-running salon in Los Angeles.
The salon was featured in Column One of the Los Angeles Times.
On the front page.

To give you perspective?
Arianna Huffington’s salon at the time was given second billing.

Suffice to say, I’ve been obsessed with salons and community-building for — my whole life.

Sometimes this happens when the hunger in you is so deep.
Like the hunger you get when your child’s needs aren’t met.
No blame.
Only — truth.

This hunger plays out in crazy repetitive patterns that keep you stuck…even though you know you are on fire. Meant for bigger things.

Can you relate?

How I love to unlock your stories.
The ones that keep you stuck.

How I live for releasing your God-given energy.
Your power that’s fueled by laser-sharp purpose.

Give me your tired stories.
Let’s forge new ones together!

Back to salons.
15 years ago, this article appeared.

Before smart phones.
Before instant contact.
Before technological immediate gratification.

One of the people who read that article, got in touch and asked if he could join — is participating NOW in the upcoming FIRST EVER Signature Story 2-Day Salon in Marina del Rey, California. A high level intimate LIVE salon I’m hosting June 3-4.

15 years later.

THAT, my friends, my loves, my tribe — is an example of the power of story. Of storytelling. Of purpose crystallized into a salon. A gathering for like-minded people.


Want to be memorable?
Want to attract your Ideal Clients?
Want to live your purpose and share your gifts on as large a scale as possible?

Then listen up to these three tips for salon magic that you can IMMEDIATELY apply to your business or career:

1. LIVE COMMUNITY CONNECTION: Nothing substitutes for LIVE events. Don’t be fooled. All the instant connection of today is in some ways WORSE than the social scenario 15 years ago. Less satisfying. More superficial. Even more alienating. So start an event TODAY! It doesn’t have to be a produced three-day event. Start with a meet-up! Or a gathering at a local cafe or park. Think outside the box. Gather your tribe. They’ll thank you. With hugs.

2. CROSS-POLLINATE YOUR TRIBE: Rich people have been attending salons for decades simply to rub shoulders with artists. True artists have a distinct sheen. You can’t mistake the energy. Creativity is something money can’t buy. A renewable resource. On the other hand, business people are brilliant the way they operate in our real world of currency. Another critical kind of energy. Marry the two? You create the unstoppable. Invite a cross-section of your contacts. Then watch your business soar!

3. SOCIAL NOT SALES: Ever listen to Earl Nightingale? One of the godfathers of Personal Development, along with Napoleon Hill. He talks about how success comes BEFORE sales. Be of service first. Stake your claim in your area of expertise. The one that makes your heart sing. Embrace simple human interaction. It is all about relationships. More than ever. Be social. Not with a strategy. Be social because you are curious, present, and because you care. Sham biz no longer flies. Only after success, after social, can you move into the intimate invitation that is sales.

I am your messenger, stripped down, stripped bare. Naked in my ceremonial body paint. Newly ushered into a nomadic lifestyle after 18 years in the same beloved home.

Sure it might be extreme. I’m the Love Junkie in recovery after all!

And, I do this to help make my point. To help shake you out of your stupor. Your stuckness. Inspire you.

Get naked. Go toward the discomfort.

Start a salon.

The whole world’s heart will expand when you do.

Yrs in truth,

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