Pink Cloud Boogie

Pink clouds over Topanga Indian Summer, September 2015

Pink clouds over Topanga
Indian Summer, September 2015

Pink clouds.

They started out gold tonight, then turned to pink.


In alcohol addiction recovery, the addict feels like hell.

Until. One day, everything lifts.
All is well.
All is groovy!

They call this the Pink Cloud.

Don’t be fooled.

It’s a phase.
A feeling.

Once it passes, and hell returns with its licking flames, the addict runs the risk of relapsing.


Once upon a time, I dated an alcoholic.
A musician.
A bluesman.

He got sober.

He wrote a song about me called “Pink Cloud Boogie.”

He sang my name in the lyrics.
Up there on the stage.
It was a thrill.

Later, after we broke up and he met someone, he replaced ‘Rachel’ in the lyrics with the new woman’s name.


Today a fisherman saw a pink dolphin frolic in the Calcasieu River in Louisiana.

They are rare.
Exceedingly rare.

The pink dolphin might be pregnant.
The pink dolphin, nicknamed Pinkie, broke the Internet.

How are you standing out today?

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