Why You Must Write

Topanga Canyon couple August, 2015 Topanga, CA

Topanga Canyon couple
August, 2015
Topanga, CA

“Your book got me through a two-day bus trip through Scotland!” she says.

A lovely Scottish woman who lives in my canyon ‘hood.

Blues eyes sparkle.

“She lives near me! I saw the book and recognized your name, your face, from Topanga. Such a wild woman. I loved it! So did my daughter.”

This, my friends, is why I write. Why I believe in books, and unleashing your heart and soul, on the page and stage.

You must bleed.
Cut to the bone.
Tell your story.
Share your message.

You never know who might need to hear it.
To feast upon it.

How it might move them, inspire or provide companionship.
Excitement, or hope.

Don’t be selfish.
Your book will live on forever.

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