Let’s Get Sensual! Take The Sensuality Exercise Challenge. Live a Little!

Let’s Get Sensual! Pleasure, Passion and Feminine Power Party January 2013

Sensual exercise assignment for female entrepreneurs. Take the challenge! Join our community here by opting in — and then you can send me your sensual exercise for a quick eval, and a complimentary 15-minute Creativity Consultation. Good for first 7 only.

I created this vid on my scenic deck for Daphne Cohn’s Pleasure, Passion and Feminine Power Party that blew up the month of January, 2013. What a thrill. Watch me improve my DIY vid skills as we truck along on this journey. Better to get ‘er done, than be crippled by perfection! Enjoy the vid and message.

Perfect warm-up for our upcoming One-Day Erotica writing workshop, Sunday, February 17th in Los Angeles (there’s still room! Come join!). AND for the Monday, February 11th release of Love Junkie:¬† A Memoir as an audiobook with Audible.com! Now that’s hot.

Stay tuned for our Winner from the Pleasure, Passion and Feminine Power Party! We’ll feature her this Thursday right here at Blaze! Feel free to comment below. Let’s get some sensual conversation going. How do you awaken your senses?




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