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Gumbo Seekers & Fire-Belching Octopi in the Desert: Five Simple Steps to Give Your Business Writing An Un-Boring Boost

You enter the hot, dusty French Quarter of Black Rock City, seeking gumbo. You cycle around the metal octopus belching flames, pass the pirate ship on wheels, head for the bakery. You’re sleep-deprived, sweat-drenched and half mad. You’re thirsty and craving warm spiced soup in the middle of a pop-up city in the remote Nevada […]

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Mirror, Mirror…Rubber Dolls, the Reluctant Entrepreneur and the Reflecting Power of Three Little Words

“I just can’t believe that that’s a seventy-year-old man in the mirror. And that’s why I do this. If I saw a seventy-year-old man in the mirror, I’d quit this tomorrow.” “What do you see when you look in the mirror?” “A very exciting female.” Robert is a man who’s into “masking” or “rubber dolling.” […]

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The Art Of The Ask: If You Really Valued Yourself & Your Creativity You Wouldn’t Be Broke

Red and green tissue paper. Wire stems. Elmer’s glue. Scissors. 6-year-old hands.Voila! Handmade roses for sale. Phoebe and I crafted our fragile roses with love. We took the elevator down to the West Village streeet below and stood together on the street corner. We held the dozen roses in our mittened hands. Blew breath smoke […]

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Time To Let Go Of Your Tired Money Stories! Tune In To Your Wealth Frequency (If I Can Do It, Anyone Can)

“You’re radiating wealth!” “What?” I stood at a crosswalk in downtown Culver City, waiting for the light to change. “Money. Prosperity. Joy.” I thanked him. Some random young guy on the street. How bizarre. I’ve never thought of myself as radiating wealth. Money and I, we’ve had a strained relationship over the years. Around my […]

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Wine, Women and Song: Our Personal Sommelier for the 2/17 Erotica Workshop Pops the Cork

  Two days ’til showtime! This Sunday, a select group of Women Only will gather at a private home in Brentwood, California, to experience the first Erotica For Entrepreneurs workshop. We declare February 17th a Day of Decadence. The foods, the libations, all will reflect our erotic adventure. From kumquats to Belgian chocolate, from naked […]

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Befuddled By Porn: Lauren Weedman’s Confusion Over Air-brushed Barbie Bods

  Lauren Weedman and I recently completed our first creative collaboration. I wrote this memoir, called Love Junkie. It came out a few years ago. Lauren, who’s a hysterical, hyper-talented writer/actress/comedienne, read the book for an audio version. I gave direction. I’ve been a fan of Lauren’s for years — ever since she popped up […]

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JUICE Up Your Writing! UNZIP That Cash Flow! SPICE Up Your Life!

  Be Mine. Will you? Silky kisses, dollops of rich chocolate, musky-scented roses. It’s that time. Can you feel it? The whisper of stockinged thighs, jewels catching fire in candlelight. February is the month to celebrate love, sex, romance, relationships. Right? OR Is it slammed doors, tears tracking mascara-mud on cheeks, a quiet phone. Shots of […]

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Enter The Realm Of The Senses To Find Success: Congratulations to Winner Carol Steinberg!

Carol Steinberg painted her sensual experience. Then she posed this question: “Can you feel the papery translucent skin, smell/taste the onion, hear the brush strokes?” I do. Can you?  I asked if she’d be game to write something too. She wrote this:   The Sensuality of Paint First: the colors, pushed out of tubes, laid […]

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Let’s Get Sensual! Take The Sensuality Exercise Challenge. Live a Little!

Let’s Get Sensual! Pleasure, Passion and Feminine Power Party January 2013 Sensual exercise assignment for female entrepreneurs. Take the challenge! Join our community here by opting in — and then you can send me your sensual exercise for a quick eval, and a complimentary 15-minute Creativity Consultation. Good for first 7 only. I created this […]

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SuperSex Sunday! Forget the SuperBowl. Time to Ignite Your Erotic!

Rome, Italy. Circa late 80s. Me with my teased-up hair and parachute pants; Fiammetta, my striking and nihilistic Italian blonde Sophia Loren lookalike friend; Bronnie, the Brooklyn-bred wildchild who speaks not a word of Italian; and Santino, a lithe and sexy Argentinean man — striding through the cobbled streets of Rome. It’s that liminal time […]

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