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Be Mine. Candy Hearts distill it down to two words. But the meaning could be light...or dark.

Be Mine. Two simple words. But the meaning could go either way. Warm and committed…or dark and possessive. Just like love.


Be Mine.

Will you?

Silky kisses, dollops of rich chocolate, musky-scented roses. It’s that time. Can you feel it? The whisper of stockinged thighs, jewels catching fire in candlelight. February is the month to celebrate love, sex, romance, relationships. Right?


Is it slammed doors, tears tracking mascara-mud on cheeks, a quiet phone. Shots of tequila to drown the ache. An empty bed. It can also be the month of breakups, despair, a time to take stock of the heart.


Either way, here at Writers On Fire, we’ve got you covered.

This Monday, February 11th, Audible.com releases the audiobook version of my last book, Love Junkie:  A Memoir.

Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild (first pick of Oprah 2.0 Club), Tiny Beautiful Things, Torch liked it:

“Your book is…breaking my heart. I am so moved by how honest you are, how fearlessly you peel the layers back, how adeptly you weave the story of your childhood and your adulthood. I’m touched, saddened, enlightened, stunned. Thank you. This is a great book.”

Jerry Stahl, author of Permanent Midnight; Perv:  A Love Story; I,Fatty plus a slew more; tons of TV; and co-author of recent HBO film “Hemingway and Gellhorn,” liked it:

“Love Junkie is a fearless, nasty, affectionate, weirdly spiritual, sex-soaked, smart and un-putdown-able Valentine from hell.”

Rosanna Arquette, actress in “Desperately Seeking Susan,” “After Hours,”  “Crash,”  “The Big Blue” and many more (plus a cool guest starring role on “The L Word”), director “Searching For Debra Winger,” liked it:

“Powerful, amazingly important and painful, so brutal in its honesty. I’ve given the book as presents to many friends who need to read it.”

Maybe you’ll like it too, in its new audio form. The hyper-talented, hysterical writer/actress/comedienne Lauren Weedman (you might recognize her from her sold-out critically acclaimed one-woman shows, in the feature “Date Night,” or as “Horny Patty” on HBO’s “Hung,” or the Daily Show or countless other guest spots) reads the book. I had the great pleasure of directing her in the POP Sound Studios. It was truly a creative collaboration. You do not want to miss her full throttle performance. She brings new life, laughs and depth to the book, and creates a whole new experience.

If you buy a download from Audible.com, and you send me proof of purchase, I will offer you a special on the upcoming workshop.

What workshop, you say? In case you missed the last Burnt Offerings newsletter. Or even if you got it, we have way more detail. This is the other part of this week’s Valentine’s to you.

Next Sunday, one week away, I and co-host Justine Musk — the three-time novelist, blogger extraordinaire, mother of five boys and all-around creative badass — are offering the first Erotica For Entrepreneurs One-Day workshop.

Legendary porn star, sexpert and sex positive activist Nina Hartley will be joining us as a special guest! “Sex isn’t something men do to you. It isn’t something men get out of you. Sex is something you dive into with gusto and like it every bit as much as he does.” She’ll field questions, tell war stories — no holds barred. You do not want to miss this rare and delicious opportunity.

We declare Sunday, February 17th a Day of Decadence. We’ll eat decadent foods and libations; we’ll talk sex, love and intimacy; we’ll explore our deep erotic core on the page; we’ll nibble or gorge ourselves as we like; we’ll relax; we’ll bond; the Valet Girls will park our cars…and we’ll get our heart lines read.

That’s right. Renowned hand analyst, CEO of The Hands On Company, Life Purpose Expert Pamelah Landers will also join us as a special guest. She’ll read everyone’s heart lines, and point out patterns in relationships, money, intimacy to provide surefire career and love breakthroughs.

Lots more detail available on the event landing page — hot off the press. Click below, find out way more — including juicy personal tales — and join us! Only a few spots left as of this writing.


This first time, it’s Women Only. But we’ve been getting some warm response and interest from men, too, that we plan to rinse/repeat this event for Men Only, and/or Men and Women. I’m in talks with dating and relationship guru Adam Gilad about a joint offering. We’re also planning some virtual workshops around erotica writing and exploration. What would you like?

Stay tuned for lots more during this lively time!




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